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Are you a passionate marketing professional looking to join an uber creative team? We are the place for you! Check out the opportunities below to see if you've got what we're looking for and let's get in touch!  To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to We look...

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Is your marketing toolbox empty?

How a full service marketing approach can impact your business!

People ask me on a regular basis, “What is it that you actually do at New Wave Media?” After I explain that we are a full service marketing agency with a focus on digital marketing strategy and advertising, they usually follow up with, “but how does that help to grow a business?” It’s...

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Three Ways Facebook has Changed

And How you can Adjust your Social Strategy for Success

Since it’s inception in 2004, Facebook has gone through several changes. Some of these changes have been subtle while others have been major overhauls. In this post we’re going to highlight some of the most important changes Facebook has made in the last couple of years and how you should...

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Understanding Media Relations

So, some BIG news has happened within your organization. Maybe it’s good, or maybe you’re heading into full crisis mode. Either way, dealing with the media can be nerve racking for even the most experienced communications professional. It’s important to understand that working with the media...

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Under the Communications Umbrella

So, what really is the difference between marketing and public relations? And, what about advertising, how does it fit in? These three terms are used interchangeably because they often overlap and work together to achieve organizational goals. However, these essential communication elements have...

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Public Relations Trends to Watch

In the field of communications, the area of public relations is one that has evolved significantly in the last decade. It’s advanced far beyond news releases and press conferences, extending its reach to the Internet and social media. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, here are some...

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Three tips for getting social in 2015

Being a social business in 2015 isn’t hard, but being an effective social business can be tricky. There are an abundance of tools and platforms available to help businesses engage their customers, but identifying which ones to use and determining which tools your customers are using can be...

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3 Social Media Ad Tactics For Local Businesses

Advanced tactics for using Facebook Ads and retargeting.

Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most important marketing channels for local businesses. While most business owners are familiar with traditional search and online display advertising, the question often arises, 'What social media tactics are right for my business?'. If you're a business...

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Infographic: How And Where To Find Your Customers Online.

The way we're using media today is changing. If we understand how our customers are using digital media we can make intelligent decisions on the best way to connect with them using online marketing. If we don't understand what devices and channels our customers are using to consume media we risk...

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Purple is the New Black

Branding Your Business with Colour - Part 5

If you think of a popular brand, chances are that you will be able to identify their branding colours. Right? (Ready, set: YAHOO!) Incorporating your brand colours into your logo, website, product, and packaging is the most effective way to have a large impact on the consumer’s perception of your...

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