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The Surfing Zone

SEO PR - The Digital Megaphone

Let your brand message be heard online

Let’s say you’re standing in a crowd of a hundred people who are all involved and engaged in their own conversations. You know you have an important piece of information to share with some of the people in the crowd, but with all of the noise going on around you it’s going to be impossible...

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App Development - iPhone Apps Are the New Black

The latest craze to be taking over the technology world right now is iPhone apps. Whether you can’t decide what to eat, need to check your bank balance, or can’t find your car – chances are there’s an app for that. It seems like every organization out there is trying to think of a way to...

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Want Your Customers To Know the “Real” You? Join Twitter

Be a Tweeter and connect with your clients

Nowadays, customers are all about transparency. If you’re not being open and honest about your business, you’re subject to the scrutiny of hundreds, sometimes thousands of critical voices. People are looking to be engaged with the companies they deal with, and want to know that they are valued...

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Good PR Resolves Problems, But Can’t Make Them Disappear

Public relations can do a lot for your company, but public relations professionals aren’t miracle workers. When an issue or crisis arises, a good PR team will be available and ready to implement tactics to mediate and hopefully resolve the issue. They are trained professionals, and know when and...

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There's no such thing as bad publicity

There's no doubt that you have heard the cliché public relations slogan, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." There is however, such a thing as wasting money, wasting time, and tarnishing your reputation. While business owners and their marketing and public relations departments work hard to...

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What's Your Website Doing For You?

Today when companies think about branding themselves properly they immediately jump to the importance of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t get me wrong, these sites are all extremely helpful in building relationships with new clients and maintaining relationships...

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Why an Integrated Marketing Agency is the Way To GO!

When starting up a new company, rebranding, looking for a light facelift, or simply looking to increase traffic, there are many alternatives on how you can achieve your goals. Some might head to a website developer to revamp their platform and site. Others might head to a different agency to help...

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Media Training

So You Have A Media Interview?

When you watch interviews on TV everything usually looks relatively flawless. The speakers look well prepared and somewhat comfortable with what’s going on. But if you’ve been told that you’re going to be interviewed on TV you probably don’t feel as calm and collected as you want to look......

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What are you waiting for?

Online Marketing

Reasons you -- and your company -- can’t wait, the time is NOW 1. Online content marketing is a zero-sum game. In traditional marketing, if you wait two months to do a mass mailing, it has no specific impact to you or your prospect. With online content marketing, if you wait two months, you give...

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Can Social Media Improve Workplace Productivity?

While working professionals in their 40's, 50's or 60's can efficiently manage three to five tasks at a time, those in their 20's and 30's have proven to be able to successfully manage 10 to 20 tasks simultaneously. This result is staggering but the younger generations are brought up needing to...

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