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Improve Your Company Blog

Do your Blog posts spark interest?

It’s simple to start a blog section on your business website, but are you using your blogs effectively? The two main purposes of a company blog are to educate people about your business, and to increase traffic to your company’s website. You can improve your blog by starting with the physical...

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Tweeting For Your Clients

Get your Twitter followers eating out of your hand

Now more than ever, copywriters are tweeting from their clients’ Twitter accounts. If you are asked to tweet for a client, there are simple guidelines to follow. Some rules are more obvious, like using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Other guidelines come from both professional and...

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Facebook Infographic - Power User

In September 2011, one in every 13 people on Earth used Facebook. Now, it’s been rumoured that by August 2012 Facebook will have a cool 1 Billion users active on their social networking platform. Call us crazy, but we think that is pretty incredible. With so many people on Facebook at a given...

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Websites Are Like Tattoos

A recent survey put Calgary in the 21st spot of the most entrepreneurial cities in Canada, but judging by my circle of friends I would have put us much higher on the list. An increasing number of my friends and friends-of-friends are venturing into the world of business ownership/entrepreneurship....

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Does Size Matter? The Long and Short of Content

Effective copy for the digital marketplace

As I write this blog post, within arms reach are a desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad, a landline and my beloved iPhone. Each one is like a portal into the never-ending pool of information that is constantly available to us, thanks to things like the internet, 3G, Wi-Fi, Twitter, Google, Facebook...

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Business Jargon & Buzzwords gone Bad

Being the social media savvy marketing agency that New Wave Media is, and with the countless clients we work with on a day-to-day basis, our team knows that every industry has its own language, or list of words and phrases, to better serve their company’s purpose, and heighten...

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SEO PR - The Digital Megaphone

Let your brand message be heard online

Let’s say you’re standing in a crowd of a hundred people who are all involved and engaged in their own conversations. You know you have an important piece of information to share with some of the people in the crowd, but with all of the noise going on around you it’s going to be impossible...

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App Development - iPhone Apps Are the New Black

The latest craze to be taking over the technology world right now is iPhone apps. Whether you can’t decide what to eat, need to check your bank balance, or can’t find your car – chances are there’s an app for that. It seems like every organization out there is trying to think of a way to...

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Want Your Customers To Know the “Real” You? Join Twitter

Be a Tweeter and connect with your clients

Nowadays, customers are all about transparency. If you’re not being open and honest about your business, you’re subject to the scrutiny of hundreds, sometimes thousands of critical voices. People are looking to be engaged with the companies they deal with, and want to know that they are valued...

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Good PR Resolves Problems, But Can’t Make Them Disappear

Public relations can do a lot for your company, but public relations professionals aren’t miracle workers. When an issue or crisis arises, a good PR team will be available and ready to implement tactics to mediate and hopefully resolve the issue. They are trained professionals, and know when and...

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