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How to Brand Your Emails For Higher Open Rates and Click Throughs

Email branding can make or break your email marketing campaign. If you have determined that you are clueless about how to use the proper Email Branding, there some simple things that you can use, to create Email branding in way that will inspire trust, and loyalty in your customers. When used...

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Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Effect

How can your business use social media to communicate effectively, generate potential sales and connect with your target audience? In recent times word of mouth was the single  most effective way to generate sales leads and communicate a company message to its clientele. A company would spread...

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Social media fuelling PR’s recovery

Like cupcakes support NYC’s economy

Who would have known that reading an interesting article about the booming cupcake industry would correlate to social media? Apparently it does. The following article, blogger Jen Riggle, compares the similarities between cupcakes and social media, and discusses how social media has been a major...

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Online Newsrooms

What is black and white and almost obsolete?

Give up? The newspaper. It is no secret that as the world becomes more tech savvy, print newspapers and print newsrooms are dying out, and hard. Who would have ever thought that the newspaper would compete with, and kill itself? Online newspapers, also known as web newspapers, have become popular...

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Setting up a Drupal 6 Multisite on your local MAMP environment.

A Step-by-Step Guide.

Over the weekend I took the time to switch out our companies current local web development environment XAMPP, for the Mac OSX's native Apache/MySQL program, MAMP.  This was by far an easy process as the resources I relied on were from several different documents on, and elsewhere. As...

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How to measure traffic on your Facebook page

While Facebook already provides a page insights tool for Page administrators to track traffic to their page, there is still a lot of information which is unknown. So how can administrators determine how well their landing tab is performing? There are a number of techniques to monitor your Facebook...

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Can Texting Improve Writing Skills?

Uh... How do I spell that?

Currently, there are a number of individuals (even writing experts) who ask themselves, or others, ‘How do I spell that?’ Over the past decade, the beloved mother tongue has been plagued and mistreated by everyone including the swarms of texting teens and young adults—the founders of...

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