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Landing Page Design 101

A landing page (LP) is the integration of creative design with a goal-focused marketing strategy in order to generate leads or obtain desired results. Your LP should be designed with the purpose of obtaining maximum conversions. In the world of marketing and advertising, a landing page can be...

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Does your Website have a Byte Size Version

How app development can benefit your business

APPetizer (app-e-ti-zer) noun 1. A byte size version of your website that fuels a craving for more information. Most businesses do not realize the wide range of benefits that can emerge from having their own mobile application. Having an app offers your business a way to increase revenue,...

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How Search and Social Work Together

How to combine SEO and social media marketing to benefit your digital marketing strategy

In the digital world, traffic is equivalent to gold – a rare, valuable and highly sought-after type of currency. The two main sources responsible for increasing traffic are search engines and social media platforms.  Let’s find out how they work together and what that means for your...

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Give your content legs, online

How to get more links from the content you produce

Every day, there is an endless amount of content being published on the Internet. Getting lost in the crowd is easy, and getting your content into the spotlight can be tricky. The good news is that there are strategies you can implement to improve the amount of links you obtain from the fabulous...

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Website Design Trends

A look at the current trends in website design

As previously discussed in our blog: Is your website Angelina Jolie ready?, it is important for your website to be both intuitive AND good-looking. We’ve done our research, and these website design trends are hot right now. Video As video production is becoming more accessible and videos are...

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Largest Canadian Olympic Ad Campaign Launched

What do you think of the #WeAreWinter message?

The Canadian Olympic Committee has officially launched the largest ad campaign in it's history. Our very own Tara Molina was quoted in a recent Calgary Herald article about this launch: Calgary athletes, locations star in Canadian Olympic ad campaign.  Here is the commercial, we would love to know...

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5 Step Marketing Plan

What you need to know when developing your marketing plan

Along with the growth of digital advertising and social media advertising, the development of a traditional marketing plan for your business has evolved. Although many of the steps have remained the same, new elements must be considered to remain up to date with the latest marketing trends.  Step...

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The Advantage of Web Video Production [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Top 4 Ways Web Video Production Benefits your Business

Download this Infographic here

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Is Your Website Angelina Jolie Ready?

How To Create A Smart and Good-looking Website

Angelina Jolie Ready (ang-el-ina jo-lie rea-dy) verb 1. A form of creative digital media that maintains exquisite beauty while upholding the highest level of intelligence. Many people realize the benefits of having a website, but what does building a successful website entail? We know that the...

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How Analytics Can Benefit Your Business

What Analytics Can Do for You

Analytics are a tool to provide insights about your business’ website traffic and marketing efficiency. Using analytics, marketers are able to write better-targeted ads, strengthen their marketing proposals and generate higher converting websites. Using analytics together with a well formulated...

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