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Grow your Business with Digital Ads - Part 1

Learn how digital advertising can help increase your reach and generate sales

In this two-part series we’ll discuss the benefits of advertising your business online. We’ll look at Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Remarketing, Display Advertising, and Social Media Advertising.

The vast reach that is offered through digital channels allows business owners and advertisers to reach more people than what was previously possible through traditional advertising. Digital advertising also allows ads to be much more targeted than traditional media, allowing you to obtain targeted traffic to your website and ensuring that your messages are seen by only the most relevant audience

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Driving More Sales and Leads Online In 3 Simple Steps

In this short post we’ll discuss how to setup and create your digital marketing system and funnel so you can start capturing more business online today. How to create your marketing funnel, define your goals and turn it into an efficient marketing system that drives sales and profits for you while you sleep.

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You’ve Changed...

How the Marketing Game has Changed

Dear Marketing, You’ve changed. Let me explain... First of all, you’re open... You used to be so reserved, but now, you tell me exactly what you like or don’t like whenever you want. I feel like I know you better than I ever did before. 1 In today’s marketing world, analytics drive...

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Branding and Logo Originality

Last week, Airbnb launched their new brand identity. What happened next was (to say the least) every designer’s biggest fear. The controversy on social media surrounding the similarities between the logo design and various reproductive organs (male or female, who knows?) wasn’t...

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Part 2: How to be Successful in the Digital Marketing Environment

The first step to being successful on social media is to have a plan. Approximately 25% of small businesses don’t have a strategy in place for social media marketing (a frightful thought for fellow marketers). Not every social platform is created equally. For instance, demographics vary...

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How To Be Successful In The Digital Marketing Environment

In today’s digital environment, having a successful marketing campaign depends on your company’s integration of numerous digital marketing tools. Every element of digital marketing is equally important to your overall campaign strategy.  Creating a seamless and consistent user experience on...

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Why Colour Matters

Branding Your Business With Colour Part 4

Yes. Colour matters. Research has established that 60% of the time, people will decide if a message or brand appeals to them based on colour alone. In order for a branding strategy to truly be effective, the critical importance of colour must be considered. The first step to choosing a colour to...

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Why Should my Business use Social Media?

How social media benefits sales, branding, and HR

More than 27.4 million Canadians  are online and 63% of Canadian social media users read Facebook posts, tweets and/or LinkedIn updates every single day. That’s a lot of people… The increase of digital integration in today’s business environment can be seen across multiple industries, as...

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The Benefits of Having an SEO Strategy

Lost. Unable to be found. Absent. Misplaced. Missing. What’s the point of having a website if no one can find it? Since the majority of web traffic (a measly 98%) is driven by the major commercial search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo!1, optimizing your site to appear in search engines...

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Colour, Emotions, Consumers, and your Business

Branding Your Business With Colour Part 3

Colour triggers emotional responses. Based on your own personal experience, you may have noticed that colour is often much more than a visual experience. Colour influences our mood and behavior – even if we don’t always notice it! For example, the colour yellow is naturally uplifting and...

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