The Challenge

Being relatively well known in Calgary, Vintage Group has the reputation for being a high-end restaurant chain. The changing economy was impacting the number of people willing to spend money on eating out. Vintage Group needed a quick way to generate more exposure and increase foot traffic to their seven restaurants from potential customers.


Return on investment


Table Reservations


New Local Visitors

The Solution

Google Search Ads were the ideal solution because of the ability to instantly appear for local searches by people who are looking for specific restaurant features, locations and lunch/dinner options. Our digital experts created:

  • Ad campaign structure which focused on driving website traffic to restaurants through highly targeted text-based ads
  • Unique landing pages with content specific to search intent were created to boost new customer relevancy
  • On-going ad copy testing on a weekly basis to identify the right message that would generate new customer growth

The Result

Specific keyword combinations targeting people in Calgary looking for weekly specials performed extremely well in generating table reservations. This Ad presence generated significant brand exposure for all Vintage restaurants.By determining average party size and average order value, the campaign was able to drive a 668% Return on Investment. We ensured Vintage Group of Restaurants was highly visible for specific potential customer searches on Google which drove both qualified and actionable traffic.